Diet Sunkist Orange Pop - Where's the Diet Welch's Grape ?

Hi, my name is blah blah, and I'm addicted to diet Sunkist orange pop.

( hello to my friends in the south, and yes, I said "pop" and no, it really
isn't as funny as you think. You say soda, we say pop. It used to be one
whole word "Sodapop". The word soda by itself reminds me of a rootbeer
float. )

Forever destined to drink diet beverages, we had all of the diet colas.

I would look longingly at the "kid drinks". Sunkist orange and Welch's grape...

Those bright orange and purple cans represented fun childhood memories and pure sugar guilt.

A few years ago Sunkist came out with a diet version of their orange pop. It was touch and go for a while, as stores seemed to refuse to stock enough product. It was rarely available, but when it was, I would purchase the 5 or 6 12packs on the shelves. Sometimes I would score a
2 liter bottle.

I took it to parties with me, so I could have it and get others hooked.

I visited some friends in Las Vegas. You would think the big city would have plenty of everything, but no, the Sunkist stocking situation was similiar. Before I left Las Vegas,
I had spread my addiction to most every diet drinker I met.

You'd think that this would be enough to keep me satisfied. I am now free to drink my orange pop right alongside with the kids..... but no........., now I am dreaming of the purple can... the grape pop....

SO, I wrote to Welch's, asking for some diet grape pop. I kept it short and sweet:

Dear Welch's

Please, Please make and sell some
Diet Welch's Grape pop.
It would be a big seller, everyone loves
diet Sunkist - I can't wait to buy some.
Thanks , have a great day,


blah blah

I just could not believe their response! Here I was, a potential customer,
basically begging to give them my money, and here's what they wrote back:

"Thanks for writing us, but we have our own marketing people."

Hello? I wasn't applying for a job..... just asking for a product.........
I hope they don't treat all of their customers this way.