Ordering Diet pop Cheeseburgers & fries

Drinking diet pop while eating Cheeseburgers and fries

Have you ever noticed when someone orders something fattening to eat, such as
a cheeseburger, or something deep fried. etc and they also order a diet beverage?

I have heard comedians making fun of this, and even noticed comments between characters in movies ~

They usually say something similar to this :

"Why? That diet pop won't magically turn the other stuff diet" etc.....
followed with laughing at the person drinking it.

Here's an FYI to those that don't understand diet pop and calories:

  • Regular - Non-diet pop has calories.
  • Calories must be used up by the body, or they will be stored as FAT on the body.
  • a 32-ounce soda can carry more than 300 calories
  • 2 to 4 regular sodas per day can cause a person to: gain 1/3 of a pound of fat per day.
  • To a diet soda drinker: - Regular pop tastes too sugary.
So, if the person knows:
  1. That they will not be doing a lot of exercise in the next few hours
  2. They have a tendency to gain weight

And they like diet pop - Why would they add additional calories for no reason?

If they could find a way to invent a zero calorie cheeseburger that tasted the same, I'm sure the diet drinkers would get the diet cheeseburger also.