Pam Anderson Naked to support PETA - is that really why ?

June 28,2006

Pam Anderson & friends appeared naked at Stella McCartney's boutique, Mayfair, in protest of the fashion industry's use of fur.

Anderson was nude, but attempted to cover her private areas with a sign that read "I'd rather bare skin than wear skin." Photographers swarmed the London location.

During this PETA appearance, Pamela reportedly singled out Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce for promoting the fur industry by wearing fur.

I believe her motives are suspect. This photo op assisted Ms Anderson with her #1 position on the Lycos 50 for the Week ending July 1, 2006.

How can she single out other stars? She may not wear fur, but it's likely that she does use animal products in her daily life. She may not realize just how many products are created with animal products, many of them harvested in a painful manner.

In these photos, is Pamela Anderson wearing leather, or pleather or vinyl?

It really doesn't matter, the are all made with animals products of some kind.

Some examples: leather, asphalt, perfumes, ink, medications - It would be a full time job to identify all of the products made with animals, and forget about finding replacements for them all. For more examples ~ Read this post: Tons of products made killing animals

Will the time ever come when women won't need to show their parts to be heard ?

Just how many naked bodies do you need to see before you get the idea? I'm sure that her fans have already seen her photos and videos.

And another thing.... Where is the enjoyment in seeing something that you won't be having? What a let-down. Depressing. See her in her plastic perfection, you can look - but you can't touch! Reminds me of that eighties song She's A Beauty by The Tubes