So you think you can dance .. Who's going home tonight ?

It's Thursday night....results show tonight...

So you think you can dance
on Fox 9 PM eastern time....

2 of the remaining 14 dancers will be voted off.

Heidi and Ryan
Travis and Martha
Ashlee and Dmitry
Natalie and Musa
Benji and Donyelle
Ivan and Allison
Jaymz and Jessica

I hope that my TIVO actually gets the end of the show.
Last week, it was cut off just before Nigel could drop
the name of the guy that was going home.

I tried to google the answer, and it seemed that people
were saying the the show was cut off, and no one knew.

I have my favorites, actually independent of their dancing skills....
Travis, Ivan and Dmitry -

Travis and Ivan for their personality -
and Dmitry for the usual reasons.

Interesting tidbits from their bios posted on the Fox website:

Ivan - who appears to be the America boy next door, was actually born in Russia.
Dmitry - Also from Russia .... duh...
Travis 18 from Virginia Beach - on Wednesday night, Martha stated that
Travis's performance was a little too feminine.....

so what?

Okay, I'll put it out there. Travis may be a little feminine. He may especially look girly next to muscle bound Martha......

He may be homosexual,... he may not have even realized it yet.... but
So what?

He has star quality, he's an awesome dancer, he is passionate.

When you watch a dance show, you want to be entertained. You're not looking for a date.

Although ~ Maybe some people are.

Girls in the audience hold up signs: "Travis Marry Me"

As for the women, Jessica is really getting on my nerves. What's with the granny underwear?

It seems that all the girl can put on is a babydoll dress to float around her head and show off
her NON-MATCHING undergutchies!

The dark green dress with the plain white big panties!
I couldn't even watch her dance - my eyes were glued to those briefs like rubbernecking a car accident! Now I just fast-forward over her.

I sort-of like Heidi as a person, but when she dances she's just a little bit too much like Oliva Newton-John in Grease.

I'm routing for Benji and Donyelle as individuals, but I really don't feel any chemistry between the two of them.

Benji says that he is a virgin christian.... he left his finance
to do charity work.... when he returned she was marrying another man.

He is upset about it, but I wonder if his ex-finance realized that he was a
little too feminine also?

In the beginning of the show I was routing for Musa, he is awesome in his
specialty and also has star quality........ but in the pair dancing he losses
some of his magic.

The show has lost 3 couples. Two of the women were Dmitry's partners.
He doesn't seem to go with the women. I may be wrong, but I think he
may have auditioned with Heidi. He would probably look great with her.
But.... a dancer should be able to dance with anyone....... , these names broke my spell checker!