That's not Hoyle and Poker Straight Hair

Have you ever heard this phrase "... and that's not Hoyle" ...most likely
spoken by someone older than you?

  • Did they just expect you to know what it means?

They are most likely stating that someone or something isn't right, not correct, not fair, or not according to the rules.

The history of this phrase dates back to Edmond Hoyle (1679–1769) of England.

Mr. Hoyle wrote books of rules for card games. He was so highly regarded that numerous writers used his name on their own rule books ( even for games that had not been invented by the time of Hoyle's death ) so that his name became synonymous with any rules.

You can still purchase a Hoyle book of rules today.

The general meaning of the IDIOM according to Hoyle : In keeping with established rules; on the highest authority.


I've heard this phrase alot - ( as I suffer from this hair condition )

But I'm not really sure what it references.

I grew up in a house with a fireplace, and we had a fireplace poker,
so I just assumed that was it.

The poker was straight ( very ) with a pointed end.

Now that I'm older I wonder if it involves the game Poker? Although a straight in Poker is cards in numerical order... so it doesn't really seem to fit.